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​​​​​​​Polo Shirts brought to you by Pokémon Shirts!

​​​​​​​Mix and match Pokémon embroideries plus Poké Ball Buttons to create your own custom Pokémon Polo Shirt!

TOKYO, JAPAN (June 5th, 2020) — Original Stitch, the online custom shirt service which, since February 2019, has offered customers the opportunity to design and buy unique Pokémon Shirts by mixing and matching Pokémon prints, is pleased to announce the addition of a new product line - Pokémon Polo Shirts.

Pokémon Polo Shirts are available now and feature multiple customization options to truly create a unique one of a kind polo shirt. These include adding up to three of 151 Pokémon embroideries from the Kanto region. Poké Ball designed buttons or even pairing a patterned pocket from the Pokémon Shirts’original 151 fabrics. Now you can have your favourite Pokémon tag along with you in a casual but classy style!


151 Original Pokémon Embroideries!
Start by choosing one of the 151 original Pokémon embroideries from 151 different Pokémon, originally discovered in the Kanto region. You can apply up to three embroideries on your custom Pokémon Polo Shirt. These can be applied on your left chest, the front bottom-right of your polo shirt, as well as on the back bottom-left of the polo. Grab some attention by placing your favourite Pokémon on the left chest to stand out, or place it on the front or back lower corner for a more casual look.


Poké Balls can be your Buttons!
If you’re feeling a bit more adventurous, change up the buttons from plain to one of three different types of Poké Ball designs (Poké Ball, Great Ball, or Ultra Ball). Feeling like you want a bit more, choose “mixed” and get one of each on your Pokémon Polo Shirt.

More Customization Available
Other custom options include changing the pocket to one of the 151 Pokémon shirt fabrics from the Kanto collection. If the pocket is customized, the same fabric from the pocket will be applied to the back of the neck inside the collar underneath the tag. *If a Pokémon patterned fabric is used for the pocket, you will not be able to add an embroidery over the patterned pocket. You will, however, be able to add an embroidery to the front bottom-right or the back bottom-left.

Customize your Collar for the setting of your choice

You can choose from a total of three different collar types. The standard rib collar recommended for everyday use or the semi-formal collar and semi-formal button-down collar, allowing for a more formal feel on your polo shirt. Pokémon Polo Shirts are designed to worn casually and also in a business setting.

Pokémon Shirts Product Overview
Pokémon Shirts is a service where you can design your own customized button-up shirt and polo shirt using patterns of 251 Pokémon in the combination of your choice. Each shirt is customizable down to the shape of the collar and the color of the buttons to enable you to make the perfect shirt for any occasion. Ideal for a business meeting, a casual day off, or even on vacation.
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Available Regions:
Japan, United States, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, India, Indonesia, Canada, UK, France, Italy, Spain, Germany, Australia, and New Zealand
Custom Polo Shirt
Colors         :  Black, white, navy, yellow, pink and blue
Size              :  00, 01, 02, 03, 04, 05, 06, 07, 08 (Adults, Unisex)
Customization     :  Base fabric, collar, sleeve length, pocket, embroidery, and buttons
Price             :  USD 85  + shipping fee
Custom Shirt
Shirt Styles      :  Adult (Men’s and Women’s) in Dress, Casual, and Hawaiian style
                     Kids in Casual Button-Down and Hawaiian style
Size              :  Adult   9 sizes:  XXS・XS・S・M・L・XL・XXL・3XL・4XL
             Kids    6 sizes:  3T,  4/5,  5/6,  6/7,  8/9,  9/10
Customization     :  Adult:  6 parts: base,inner & outer collar,inner & outer cuffs,pocket
               Kids    2 parts:   base, pocket
Price             :  Adult   USD 100 + shipping fee
                Kids    USD 85 + shipping fee
Available Fabric  :  251 Pokémon Fabrics + 10 Regular Fabrics
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Original Stitch started with a simple goal: to make buying shirts easier for the engineers that work at Silicon Valley. The base of the brand, Original Inc. was founded in 2015 with the vision of “bringing custom shirts to every closet”. OS allows for extremely detailed customization with one billion possible arrangements while making it possible to order a shirt within 5 minutes. Every shirt is produced in Japanese factories and tailored to the highest quality.
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